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Fotsch’s Furry Friends: Charlie

Fotsch’s Furry Friends: Charlie

Fotsch’s Furry Friends: Charlie


KTTS, Monday Trailers & Equipment, and Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant & Bar would love to introduce you to a very special, furry friend of ours.

Meet another wonderful dog searching for their forever family. This handsome fella is Charlie. He is an 8-year-old hound-mix. Despite being a mature boy, Charlie is full of life and energy. He likes playing outside and really enjoys a good walk. His very favorite thing to do is spend quality time with people. He gets along great with everyone and is one of the most gentle and polite dogs you’ll ever meet in your life. Please help us find this sweet dog a permanent home, because he absolutely deserves it!

Find out how to schedule a meet and greet with Charlie when you reach out to our friends at The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri today, or give them a call at 417-833-2526. Special thanks to our friends at Monday Trailers & Equipment for making the Rescue Buddies segment possible.




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