CoxHealth is letting the public know about a phone scam going on.

The health system says people have received calls about health issues or to sell medical equipment, claiming to be connected to the organization.

The callers are also telling people they are calling on behalf of a doctor, and could ask for a medicare number and/or a social security number.

CoxHealth says departments do not cold call patients who don’t have orders for medical equipment and that people who do have orders can double check with their doctor’s office before accepting any services over the phone. 

CoxHealth says these callers are NOT a part of the organization and the calls are not part of a data breach. 

Press Release:

CoxHealth would like to notify community members of a phone scam currently underway in southwest Missouri.

Numerous individuals have reached out to CoxHealth reporting that they have been called by someone attempting to connect about various health issues, such as pain management, or to sell medical equipment (specifically braces, such as for backs). They even “spoofed” CoxHealth’s name so that on caller ID, the number appears to be identified with the health system. They claim to be connected with CoxHealth, and are contacting them on behalf of a physician, and may ask for Medicare and/or a Social Security number.

Community members should be aware that this is not someone from CoxHealth who is contacting them, nor are these calls the result of a data breach at the health system.

Please note:

·         CoxHealth departments that handle medical devices do not “cold call” patients who do not have a physician’s order for medical equipment.

·         Patients who do have an order for medical equipment and have a concern about a call should double check with their physician’s office before accepting any services or equipment over the phone.

·         CoxHealth will not call and proactively offer discounts for payment by credit card.