The Springfield Police Department has developed an app to help officers and their families deal with a variety of wellness issues, including behavioral health.

The SPD’s Leadership Council’s Wellness Committee helped create the app.

Cordico, which works with public safety wellness technology, helped develop it.

A lite version is also available to the general public in your smartphone’s app store.

Press Release

Mental and physical wellness is critical to a professional, successful police force.

Law enforcement officers are exposed to traumatic incidents at a much higher rate than the general population, and therefore they are more susceptible to mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and suicide.

To proactively address these mental health challenges, SPD’s Leadership Council’s Wellness Committee has created a customized, confidential wellness application that is available to all personnel and their families 24/7.

Powered by Cordico, the leader in public safety wellness technology, the app includes a wellness toolkit addressing 60 behavioral health topics such as fatigue, mental health self-assessments, peer support, and videos and guides on yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, and more.

“A career in law enforcement is not an easy one and officers often encounter difficult situations that can be tough to process,” said Police Chief Paul Williams. “The Cordico wellness app is extremely comprehensive and will assist in providing both sworn and non-sworn personnel, as well as their families, with resources to address their unique needs.”

A limited version of the Cordico app is also available to the public.

Citizens can download the app by searching “Springfield Police Department” in their smartphone’s app store.