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Find Your Future In The Skilled Trades

Find Your Future In The Skilled Trades

Find Your Future In The Skilled Trades

Businesses in the skilled trades need more workers – especially younger workers.

Dori Grinder with the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield says it’s not a new problem.

She says older workers are retiring, leaving lots of new job openings.

She says young people might not consider the skilled trades unless they’re exposed to them.

“I do love some of the high schools in the area that are offering some trade kinds of opportunities. It may be as simple as a shop class. I think a lot of kids maybe had a shop class. Maybe it was great for them, maybe it wasn’t. But I think it’s the opportunity to realize there’s a job that can be on the other side of learning this skill.”

Grinder says the skilled trades can give you a place to make a good living.

“Not everyone’s college bound after high school. And this is a great area where lots of smart people work, and lots of hard workers work. And you can go in with very little training – some people even train on the job – and then you don’t have that giant debt of college and can immediately start making great wages.”

She says the skilled trades allow you to be part of something much bigger than yourself.

“I think that’s one of the coolest things about homebuilding and the industry around it. You created something that you can go back to and look at. It’s very physical work and you can see the fruits of your labor.”

The Springfield Chamber of Commerce says most jobs in the skilled trades don’t require a four-year degree.

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