Photo by CNH Reman

Businesses in the skilled trades are trying to find workers so they can grow.

The problem?

There aren’t enough workers to fill all the job openings.

Diane Rozier is the director of human resources and safety for CNH Reman, which remanufactures industrial parts.

“I think we have seen more stability and growth through the COVID crisis than our peers and other employers in the area. We have had zero shutdowns. And we’ve actually grown. Our need for employees is less about turnover and more about growth and expansion of our organization.”

Rozier says as the economy recovers from the pandemic, businesses are trying to expand.

“There’s a shift in (the) environment. And we need more skilled trades individuals that want to take advantage of immediate opportunities that we have so that we can continue to grow and build in America.”

Rozier says her company needs people who can help the business grow.

“Mechanical aptitude is really important, but not the only driver. We need people that have an attitude and aptitude to learn and grow. And we want to help develop them to be what they want to be and help them get where they want to go.”

The Springfield Chamber of Commerce says now is a good time to consider a career in the skill trades.

Older workers are retiring, creating openings in high-paying jobs.

Most of those jobs don’t require a four-year degree.

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