The Greene County Commission will be voting on the 2021 budget on Friday.

The budget was constructed over the course of 16 different meetings, and will total over $265 million dollars.

Around $76 million in the budget is directed to the new jail project, and $2.5 million is directed to hire more Sheriff’s Office staff.

Around $1.25 million has been set aside for mental health initiatives.

The Commission has noted that several issues must still be addressed, such as providing more funding to the County Health Department and the replacement of aging software and equipment county-wide.

List of budget highlights (provided by Greene County):

  • Over $76.9 million on construction of the Sheriff’s Office/Jail project in 2021.
  • Hiring 101 Sheriff’s staff throughout 2021 with total salaries of $2,557,380.
  • Hiring six new staff dedicated to support the Sheriff’s Office/Jail facilities in maintenance and information technology for $195,143.
  • With focus on mental health, Greene County collaborated with various community groups to develop a drop-in center to benefit the citizens of Greene County. In addition, the program will hire community health advocates. In total, the County has set aside $1.25 million toward these efforts, as well as to provide assistance to specialty courts and it will be funded out of General Revenue II.
  • $1,075,034 in General Revenue II funds toward replacing and equipping 33 vehicles for the Sheriff’s Office and $60,000 for two vehicles for the Environmental department.
  • $600,000 toward stormwater projects.
  • Over $457,000 budgeted for network supplies, wireless, telecommunication, upgrades and replacements.
  • Building operations will spend over $341,500 on maintenance projects for buildings on campus, including heating and cooling equipment in the Justice Center, the Judicial Courts Facility and the Public Safety Center.
  • $225,000 has been set aside for the potential cost of the external state audit.
  • $165,000 ankle monitoring services for Pre-Trial. Cost is split between General Revenue I and General Revenue II.
  • The 1% annual cost of living adjustment and mid-year service based 1.5% salary structure increase were preserved for County employees.