Springfield City Council is considering whether to take up a resolution asking Governor Parson to enact a statewide face mask ordinance.

Councilman Craig Hosmer says maybe if the city issues a resolution supporting the idea, the governor will go through with it.

“I think it gives some political cover to him because that’s a difficult decision for a state, as it is for a city.”

City council made no decision during Tuesday’s luncheon.

Springfield-Greene County Health Director Clay Goddard says without a statewide mandate, it makes it tough to slow down the coronavirus through the patchwork of ordinances in the region.

Goddard says Springfield is now on an island when it comes to recovery efforts.

“Pockets of measured cautious prevention efforts are being swallowed up by inaction and avoidance. The statewide patchwork of isn’t a blanket of protection across our state, its a net full of holes.”