Photo courtesy Springfield Police Department

Police Chief Paul Williams has sent a letter to the citizens of Springfield reacting to the events in Minneapolis surrounding the death of George Floyd.

It it published below:

I’m aware of and following the recent events in Minneapolis. I was shocked by the behavior of the Minneapolis police officers that led to the untimely death of George Floyd. The actions seen in the video do not align with the training or values of the Springfield Police Department, nor with those of the policing profession as a whole, and I consider those actions egregious and inexcusable.

I also understand that while this tragedy occurred hundreds of miles away, it still affects us all in a variety of ways. The members of the SPD want to assure the citizens of Springfield that we stand with them and we respect their right to voice their concerns, peacefully. We are committed to continuing to partner with all members of our community to ensure that our city remains a place we can all be proud of.

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