A man from Springfield won a top prize on a holiday scratcher when his wife purchased a ticket and gave it to him to play.

Corey Pyle immediately started scratching the ticket in the parking lot of a gas station and soon uncovered one of the game’s top prizes of $100,000.

“Merry Money” is a $5 ticket that went on sale Oct. 14. More than $3.7 million in unclaimed prizes remain in the game.

Remaining prize amounts for all Scratchers games can be found at MOLottery.com and on the official Missouri Lottery app.

Missouri Lottery says in the most recent fiscal year, players in Greene County won more than $42.8 million in Missouri Lottery prizes.

Retailers received more than $4.28 million in commissions and bonuses, and an additional $24.1 million went to education programs in the county.