This is one of the last days that you can sign up for a Crosslines Holiday Food Basket before the Thanksgiving Deadline.

Crosslines Director Tom Faulkner says that the goal of the organization is to allow families to sit down together and not worry about where the Thanksgiving or Christmas meal will come from.

“[Whenever] someone is struggling financially, a lot of times the families we are serving have to choose between paying for medicine or paying their utilities or their rent against having food in their house,” Faulkner said, “Our overall goal is to make sure that families have what they need but they are also given that in a dignified manner.”

Applicants must provide a valid social security card (no photocopies) and mail showing residence in Greene County.

Applications can be completed during the day between 9 a.m and 1:30 p.m. on Thursday or Friday (24th-25th of October).

The Crosslines Holiday Center is located at:

615 N. Glenstone Ave.
Springfield, MO, 65802

If you are looking to volunteer at Crosslines, you can visit their website or call them at 417-865-5810.