A popular local restaurant closed for good on Sunday afternoon.

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery on Sunshine shut down after 25 years.

The restaurant had been open since 1994 and both customers and staff were sad to see it go.

The owner of the restaurant, Huddle House, wanted lower rent payments but the landlord refused to acquiesce.

The general manager, Archie Donoho, says that he plans on buying another restaurant and hiring his staff again there.

Here’s more from the owner, Huddle House:

As a result of the Perkins bankruptcy proceeding, yesterday we took the difficult step to close several Perkins Restaurant & Bakery units.

There were 11 closures in six states.

These were all restaurants whose sales decline over the years and high operating costs made it untenable to remain open.

“We are so grateful for the dedicated service of our Perkins team members in these restaurants. Some of the team members have been with Perkins for a very long time and we truly appreciate their years of service at Perkins as their employer of choice” commented Jim Frank, COO of Perkins. “We are also very grateful to these communities we’ve served and appreciate our customers’ continued loyalty” continued Frank.

As a result of new ownership post-bankruptcy, Perkins intends to continue to grow and develop in select markets and maintain the valued community connections for which they are known.