Police in Clever are warning people about counterfeit bills possibly circulating around the town this week.

Reports say the fakes were purchased on Wish.com by a middle school student and were used in a music video.

Some of the bills were given away, and as many as ten could still be circulating around town.

The police department says it hasn’t received any reports on attempts to pass counterfeit bills, but urge area businesses, individuals who sell items on apps like marketplace, etc to check bills as best you can and use a counterfeit marker if you have one.

Police say the bills officers have collected have a slightly larger border and there is a grouping of very small Asian symbols on the far left side on the back of the bill.

“Even though it may state ‘legal tender’, be assured these are not. Let us know if you run across any of these of any presumed value,” the department posted on it’s Facebook page.

Authorities say they don’t believe the kids had any bad intentions when buying the fake money. If you have any suspicions you can take your bills to the bank and get them checked out.