Governor Mike Parson announced his bid for the Governor’s Office on Sunday in Bolivar, the town he had previously served as Sheriff.

Parson said that he felt the call to “serve again” and “to ensure the American Dream is never out of reach for anyone willing to work for it.”

“There’s only one place in the world where someone from a small rural town with modest means could have the opportunities I have had,” Governor Parson said. “To serve my country in an Army uniform. To serve my community in a Sheriff’s uniform. To complete my dream of starting and owning a small business. To enter public service and serve my community and state. These experiences are only possible in this country under the red, white and blue of the United States of America.”

Governor Parson opened his campaign with his list of accomplishments, focusing on how he had reorganized the bureaucracy in Jefferson City, cut taxes, and ended the “border war” with Kansas.

Political analysts have noted that Parson has been calm and understated compared to his predecessor, former Governor Eric Greitens, who resigned the Office in 2018. They think this may improve his chance with voters.

The Governor also received the support of Former U. S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, who spoke at the event.

Auditor Nicole Galloway, who is also running for Governor in 2020 as a Democrat, released a statement saying, “Missouri families can’t afford four more years of Governor Parson.” She says that Governor Parson is out of answers and trying to deliver for well connected insiders, citing the recent controversy over the Governor calling a special session to address auto sales tax, but ignoring a request for a special session on gun violence. Galloway says she “look[s] forward to holding the Governor accountable on the issues.”