Photo from Greenlawn Funeral Home

The City of Springfield has agreed to give $430,000 to the family of a woman from Nixa who was killed during a pursuit through the city in April 2018.

Dana Sowards was 31. She was killed at the corner of Mt. Vernon and Scenic in Springfield on the way to pick up her son.  She left behind her son, daughter and husband.

Police were, or had been chasing Tommy Morris Jr. at the time. Morris was wanted for dealing drugs. He’s now charged with second-degree murder

Sowards family says officers were face-to-face with the suspect earlier that same day, but didn’t arrest him. They also argue the pursuit should have ended soonwer, saying there’s no reason police should be chasing a suspect at 90 mph through a school zone.

The City’s insurance carrier has so far agreed to settle the case by paying out $430,000 to Soward’s family. It’s the maximum payment for this type of case under Missouri Law.

A judge still has to approve the settlement.