JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri lawmakers have passed a roughly $30 billion state spending plan after a fight over college tuition for students living in the U.S. illegally.

The Republican-led Senate on Friday gave final approval to a budget with $61 million more in core K-12 public school funding compared to this year. Colleges and universities are each set to get at least $1 million more in funding.

Work on the budget hit a roadblock after Senate and House negotiators agreed to allow colleges and universities to charge in-state tuition to students living in the country illegally. Lawmakers ditched that proposal following pushback from House Republicans.

The budget also includes $50 million in un-earmarked general revenue on bridge repairs next fiscal year, plus another $50 million for a local cost-share program.

After it’s passing, Governor Mike Parson released this statement on Senate Bill 68:

“We are now one step closer to passing one of the most comprehensive workforce and economic development proposals that proves to the country that Missouri is open for business. Thanks to the leadership of House Speaker Elijah Haahr, Majority Leader Rob Vescovo, Speaker Pro-Tem John Wiemann, and Representative Nick Schroer; Missouri will soon have the tools to compete and win big for jobs and growth across the entire state.”

To read Governor Parson’s full statement, click here.