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The trial has begun for a man who is charged with murdering two people in Laclede County.

Prosecutors say Matthew Rumbaugh was charged with two counts of first-degree murder after he shot and killed a man and his son in 2014.

Rumbaugh entered the home and shot Chad Gerber and Gerber’s 15-year-old son Riley.

Deputies say Rumbaugh shot the two Gerbers because he was having an affair with Gerber’s wife, and was tired of waiting for her to leave him.

The jury heard the opening statements on Friday.

Gerber’s brother Mark says it has been a long legal battle. “For me, personally, there were times when I didn’t feel this day was going to come,” Gerber says.

He adds that it’s like ripping a band aid off.

“When it takes this long, some of those wounds we hope started to heal a little bit. I’m certain over the next few days, it’s just going to make it fresh again,” Gerber says.

Monday will be the first day the jury will hear and see evidence in the case.

The trial is scheduled to last through Wednesday.

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