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First-Grader From Nixa Becomes A Published Author

First-Grader From Nixa Becomes A Published Author

First-Grader From Nixa Becomes A Published Author

She might not be able to get the milk jug from the top shelf in the fridge, but seven-year-old Kyleigh Barboa from Nixa is a published author.

The first-grader attends Century Elementary in Nixa.  Her book is titled, “How to be Great Parents: Through the Eyes of a Child.”

Kyleigh gives advice on things like bedtime, chores, toys, vacationing, safety and discipline.

Nancy Simpson with the Bo & Nancy KTTS Morning Show sat down with Kyleigh and went over some of her tips.

“Put them (your child) in the corner for five minutes and if they don’t do good, add more time.”

Kyleigh’s favorite part of the book is about parent date-night. “In my book, it says parents need time alone for kissing without the children watching.”

Nancy asked Kyleigh what she thinks is the hardest part about being a parent.

“Having to say ‘no’ A LOT.  Luckily, I have a lot of baby dolls, so I can practice.  I even have a car seat for them.  I have one that looks really real. She’s so cute.  I wish she would come alive.  I wish all of my baby dolls were real.”


She comes by it naturally. Kyleigh’s grandma, Dr. Linda Barboa, is a published author, writing children’s books and books that focus on how to help different professions understand children who have autism.

She says Kyleigh has a desk at the office next to hers and has sat in on many brainstorming meetings with other authors.

“She hears us talking about writing books and has been around authors and writers her whole life.  When we write children’s books, we ask her opinion…like which story she liked better, which character she liked better and how we can phrase things, so children can better understand the message.”

Kyleigh credits her teacher, Mrs. Moon, for teaching her about topic sentences and main ideas. Nancy asked her if she plans on writing more books.

Kyleigh Barboa is holding a book signing at Roots Coffee at 1645 West Republic Road in Springfield on April 13 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

You can purchase the book by clicking here.

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