It was June Medina’s birthday and her husband wanted to do something special for her, but she insisted they save their money instead. Not too long after, he earned some extra cash and decided to buy his wife a book of “Money Clip” Scratchers tickets from the Missouri Lottery office in Springfield.

“We were carpenters together and work hard for our money,” explained the Seymour resident. “So it was hard to give it up easy and let him do that for me.”

As she was scratching each ticket, it was ticket number 14 that had her catching her breath.

“I was crying when I thought I won $25,000. I kept scratching it and said, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ Then I told my husband to pull over because I couldn’t breathe,” said Medina, who realized she had uncovered a $100,000 top prize.

They immediately headed back into the Lottery office to claim their prize and already had a few ideas about how they would like to spend their money:  an RV to travel or a new addition to their home.

“I’m still not finished scratching the other tickets yet,” she laughed. “I wasn’t going to take a chance of losing a ticket like that when I was so close to the office. This is awesome.”

Money Clip” is a $5 ticket that began on June 28. It offers more than $11.3 million in remaining prizes, including three more top prizes of $100,000.