Delivering the state of the union a week later than originally scheduled because of the partial government shutdown, President Donald Trump hopes his message of unity hits home for all Americans in an effort bridge ideological and social divides in the country.

Representative Billy Long issued a press release containing his reaction to the President’s speech.

“The last two years under President Trump have been nothing short of a success,” said Rep. Long. “Hardworking Americans are taking home more of their paychecks, the unemployment rate remains low and thousands of jobs continue to be added to the economy each month. Tonight, President Trump made one thing clear: our work isn’t done. He emphasized the need to prioritize border security, invest in our infrastructure and protect American workers. Although the next two years will have their own set of challenges, I look forward to working with the president on these pressing issues.”

The President called for an end to partisan politics, urging Congress to govern “as a Nation.”