Ice that fell across the Ozarks in mid-January has totaled more than 300-thousand dollars in repair and clean-up costs for the city of Seymour.

The ice storm on January 12th caused transformers to blow, power lines to be knocked out and limbs to fall off of trees.

Almost 500 people were without power. The city spent more around $40,000 after calling in electrical crews, and another $40,000 for equipment.

The city spent much more on clean up. $124,000 was spent on tree trimmers. Another $70,000 was spent on renting trucks to remove all the brush.

Seymour then hired more crews to clean up brush that was left after residents cleaned up themselves. That cost another $25,000.

The city now has monthly payments set up of $15,000 through December 2020 to pay off the debt.