The Greene County Commission has voted unanimously to ask the state auditor to do a county audit.

Only this time, it won’t be free.

The county doesn’t know exactly how much the audit will cost taxpayers.

Commissioner Lincoln Hough says other counties like Greene County have paid the state around $150,000 dollars for a full audit.

A county spokeswoman says leaders have set aside that amount in the county budget.

Auditor Nicole Galloway offered to do a free audit for the county in 2017 after getting nearly two dozen complaints over the way the county campaigned for a sales tax increase.

At the time, then presiding commissioner Bob Cirtin and commissioner Harold Bengsch rejected the idea, referring the case to the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Only Lincoln Hough was in favor of the audit.

The county hired a private law firm that cost the county more than $300,000 dollars.

In Wednesday’s vote, new presiding commissioner Bob Dixon, commissioner Lincoln Hough, and commissioner Harold Bengsch all voted yes on the audit request.