Trying to balance home life, work life, and ANYTHING outside of that can be a BEAR!

As I look for ways to connect with friends, I try to keep an open mind that hanging out with someone doesn’t have to be an all-day commitment…although I would love that with my dearest friends.

With my new schedule, I can now grab lunch with some of my friends from time to time.

I think you must find ‘moments.’ Now that I’m getting up early on the weekends (6 and 7 are sleeping in for me), I have time to go to the farmer’s market before my family even rolls out of bed. Nice, quality time with a friend.

A lot of times I make very specific plans.  If your friend feels there’s a chance they might be away from the house all day, they’ll say NO.  But if I say, “Hey, you want to run to the thrift store and then to Lowe’s and buy flowers?”…they’re much more likely to say YES.  This isn’t because they don’t want to spend time with you, it’s just we’re all really stretched thin.  But when you break it down to two stops, it makes it all seem more manageable.   

We moms stop and think, “The kids won’t kill each other in an hour, right?” Ha.

At least for me, you find you make more of these ‘runs’ and in-turn end up spending more time with your friends.

Another one is to make sure you can involve the kids.  My daughter is attached to my hip right now – and I recognize that will not be forever.  I have a friend, whose kids are older, who is totally cool with HJ going anywhere we do and we’ve taken her on some fun road trips.  I also suggest walks – with the kids.  Something, anything to get out and visit.

I’m working on a project with Jay Lashley, also known as The Ginge on Power 96.5.  He was talking about going with some friends even though he really didn’t feel like it.  He said, “Because if you don’t invest in the people you like the most, they are no longer friends…they are merely acquaintances.”

That weighs heavy on my mind.  It’s so true.

Scientists and doctors say we NEED friends to live longer, healthier lives.

Friends provide us with new perspectives and ideas.  Friends give us love, support, and encouragement.

So, suck it up, get dressed and go do something with your friends.

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