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  1. Updated: 9:02 p.m.UPDATE: Officials Determined Device Near Rogersville Was Anti-Tank Round
  2. 3:31 p.m.Lottery Ticket Would Aid Missouri Veterans
  3. 2:17 p.m.Opponents Argue Against Missouri Transportation Sales Tax
  4. 12:08 p.m.Pulaski County Authorities Roundup Suspects In Several Crimes
  5. 10:25 a.m.Photo Gallery: Rare tornado touches down outside Boston
  6. 9:24 a.m.Will Tropical Storm Bertha Form This Week?
  7. 7:44 a.m.Ozark Empire Fair - Day Six
  8. 7:13 a.m.Upscale Boutique For Abused Women Opens Tuesday In Springfield
  9. 6:47 a.m.Missouri Congressional Hopefuls Run On Low Budgets
  10. 6:40 a.m.Arkansas Police: Fake Cop Tried To Lure Kids
  1. Yesterday
  2. 2:19 a.m.Cardinals Blow Out Drillers 9-4
  1.  BENGHAZI PROBE GOP committee head says no witnesses off-limits
  2.  HIROSHIMA MISSION Last living crew member of Enola Gay dies at 93
  3.  Obama's 'Assad must go' demand fades as Syrian casualties soar
  4.  ALL WET UCLA campus flooded by water main break
  5.  Israel strikes symbols of Hamas' control in Gaza, shuts down power plant - Facebook removes page calling for death of Jews - OPINION: How Hamas plans to win by losing
  6.  Passions heated over proposed EPA rule on plant emissions
  7.  Senate confirms McDonald as VA secretary
  8.  Emails show White House adviser intervened on ObamaCare 'bailout' after industry appeals - Cost trumps 'invincibility' for millennials enrolling in ObamaCare
  9.  Herd of cows kills woman hiking through pasture
  10.  Fears of Ebola spread in West Africa as 2nd American infected with virus - Low risk of Ebola outbreak in US, officials say - 5 things you should know about Ebola - Doctor who contracted Ebola in grave condition
  11.  Top House Republicans call impeachment talk Democratic 'scam' - Krauthammer: Obama impeachment talk 'a concoction of Democrats'
  12.  STARNES: Troops told to refrain from eating, drinking in front of Muslims
  13.  Florida warns beachgoers of flesh-eating bacteria in state waters
  14.  Georgia girl struck by plane on Florida beach dies - Puerto Rican town mourns sergeant, girl killed by plane
  15.  Washington state pols weigh controversial 'In God We Trust' plaque - Unpublished 1860 letter by Abraham Lincoln shows 'nervous' side
  16.  Obama joins EU in announcing expanded economic sanctions against Russia - Double blow for Putin as EU adopts tough sanctions, Ukraine rebels suffer setbacks - Fighting in eastern Ukraine reportedly leaves 22 civilians dead - Former CIA spy: Putin using Soviet tactics to confuse US
  17.  Obscure rule traps teachers looking to quit union - FLASHBACK: Michigan teachers union sics bill collector to go after union dues
  18.  New Jersey clowns come to aid of fellow jester after traffic accident
  19.  Jury awards Ventura $1.8M in defamation case against 'American Sniper' estate
  20.  George Zimmerman ID'd in police report as providing security at Florida motorcycle shop
  21.  UPDATE: Texas baby's brain tumor benign following surgery allowed by insurer's change of heart
  22.  PG&E charged with obstruction of justice in connection with deadly 2010 gas pipeline explosion
  23.  Lawmakers race to vote on VA reform bill amid conservative concerns over cost - Senate passes highway funding bill, sends it back to House with changes
  24.  Husband of missing Oregon mom urges public to search roadside ditches
  25.  'Crush' bombshell rocks opening of ex-Virginia gov's corruption trial
  26.  #MarineHeldInMexico: Q&A on Tahmooressi case - Full Coverage: #MarineHeldInMexico

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