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  1. 6:18 p.m.Man From Springfield Confronted By Homeowners While Trying To Steal
  2. 5:15 p.m.New Medical App In New iPhones Help First Responders
  3. 2:08 p.m.Chase Ends At West Bypass And Division In Springfield
  4. 12:15 p.m.Mercy Opens New Virtual Care Center
  5. 10:55 a.m.New $10M Family Attraction Coming To Branson
  6. 4:39 a.m.Branson Getting New Family Attraction
  7. Yesterday
  8. 1:15 a.m.Pay Extra Attention This Time Of Year To Deer On The Roads
  9. 10:51 p.m.Rams LB Ogletree To Undergo Ankle Surgery
  10. 10:49 p.m.Lock To Make Another Start At QB For Missouri
  11. 9:11 p.m.Photo Gallery: House Fire on North Meteor
  1. Yesterday
  2. 10:51 p.m.Rams LB Ogletree To Undergo Ankle Surgery
  3. 10:49 p.m.Lock To Make Another Start At QB For Missouri
  4. 5:21 p.m.Cards Catcher Molina Will Try To Play With Splint Over Thumb
  1.  EXCLUSIVE Emails show Clinton rejected Libya peace talks
  2.  HARVARD VS. CONVICTS Ivy League debate team loses to New York inmates
  3.  12,000 ACHOOS A DAY Doctors baffled by girl who can't stop sneezing
  4.  'ANT ISLAND' Insect colony floats on South Carolina floodwaters
  5.  IS OBAMA 'FLUMMOXED'? Ukraine parallels seen in Russia's Syria push
  6.  Amtrak warns of service cuts if Congress doesn’t extend safety deadline - VIDEO: Amtrak asks Congress for extension of safety deadline - VIDEO: Amtrak threatens shutdown over looming safety deadline
  7.  Biden reportedly shared details on dying son’s wish he run for president - FOX NEWS FIRST: Hillary hopes to beat the rap on a technicality - MEDIA BUZZ: Why Sanders is shattering the media’s expectations - COMPLETE 2016 ELECTION COVERAGE
  8.  Justice Department to release 6,000 inmates from federal prisons beginning Oct. 30
  9.  UConn student arrested over mac and cheese confrontation
  10.  Cities designate 'safe zones' to take the danger out of classified ad deals
  11.  Illegal wind turbine leaves green energy entrepreneur spinning in jail
  12.  Senate moves ahead on defense bill facing veto threat
  13.  Stephon Marbury takes on Michael Jordan over price of sneakers
  14.  NM secretary of state accused of dozens of corruption charges
  15.  ‘Ant island’ floats on South Carolina floodwaters - VIDEO: Floodwaters cause heavy damage in SC - SC crews checking flood levels 'minute by minute' - FOX NEWS WEATHER CENTER
  16.  House panel takes up GOP push for special committee probing Planned Parenthood
  17.  Fox News Headlines 24/7 launches on SiriusXM
  18.  Dept. of Defense says US airstrike 'mistakenly struck' Afghan hospital - VIDEO: Pentagon changing their story on Afghan hospital bombing?
  19.  ‘No place at the United Nations’: Ex-UN General Assembly leader accused of pocketing $500,000 in bribes - VIDEO: Former UN president arrested in bribery scheme
  20.  Hatch says Trans-Pacific deal 'woefully short,' as Obama begins selling pact
  21.  Workers remove Ten Commandments monument from Oklahoma Capitol grounds - VIDEO: Ten commandments monument moved
  22.  Critics blast $20M Cal-Berkeley fund for race-based scholarships, hiring - VIDEO: New York wants racial breakdown of museum staff
  23.  South Carolina mom investigated for publicly shaming her son in Walmart, cops say
  24.  Snowden says he's offered to return to US, go to jail - VIDEO: Former NSA contractor makes offer
  25.  Army postpones planned discharge of Green Beret who confronted accused Afghan rapist
  26.  Officers save store owner crushed by 125-pound python - VIDEO: It's wrapped around his neck! Frantic python attack 911 call

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