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  1. Yesterday
  2. 1:08 a.m.Springfield Cardinals Avoid The Sweep By Tulsa Winning 5-4
  3. 8:27 p.m.Fraud Scheme 'Ring Leader' Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison
  4. 7:18 p.m.MoDOT Says Avoid I-70 This Weekend
  5. 6:57 p.m.Mets Top Cardinals 5-0
  6. 5:07 p.m.Christian County Commissioner Says He Had No Contact With FBI Prior To Sheriff's Troubles
  7. 4:52 p.m.Elderly Man Drowns In Lake Of The Ozarks
  8. 4:48 p.m.Humansville Man Dies In Motorcycle Crash
  9. 4:00 p.m.FirstAlert Forecast: Slow Clearing This Evening
  10. 3:15 p.m.Special Election For Christian County Sheriff's Seat Set For This Summer
  11. 12:38 p.m.Woman Once Held Captive Found Murdered
  1. Yesterday
  2. 1:08 a.m.Springfield Cardinals Avoid The Sweep By Tulsa Winning 5-4
  3. 6:57 p.m.Mets Top Cardinals 5-0
  1.  CHALLENGE TO CHINA US warns Beijing to lay off Navy's S. China Sea flights
  2.  HITLER'S HORSES Long-lost life-size statues found in warehouse
  3.  'WE HAVE WON' FEC backs off possible plan to regulate Internet
  4.  FOUND MONEY Clinton Foundation admits millions of $$ unreported
  5.  CAUGHT: Suspect in Washington DC mansion quadruple murder nabbed
  6.  All for nothing? US vets who fought at Ramadi angered by city's fall to ISIS - Obama urged to 'scrap' parts of anti-ISIS playbook - VIDEO: Are we doing enough to stop terror group's recruiting efforts?
  7.  Tom Cotton: We shouldn't be ashamed of the Iraq War - VIDEO: Cotton: Aid key to stopping Gitmo detainees' return to jihad
  8.  Hundreds protest Washington state police shooting of shoplifting suspects
  9.  Bin Laden's bookshelf: Lefty academics among terror boss' fave reads - VIDEO: Bin Laden docs show Al Qaeda-Iran connection
  10.  Iranian cargo ship changes course after request from UN, Pentagon
  11.  Organization is fighting terrorism ‘one child at a time’
  12.  America faces an acute shortage of air traffic controllers known as 'guardians of the sky' - EXCLUSIVE: FBN probe reveals dangers lurking in skies - VIDEO: FAA hiring practices putting passengers at risk?
  13.  Hitler's long-lost bronze horses found in warehouse
  14.  South Korean court suspends jail sentence for Korean Air 'nut rage' executive
  15.  Salmonella outbreak linked to raw tuna sickens 53 in nine states, officials say
  16.  Capitol Police set for toilet training after breaking ‘rule number one,’ leaving guns in lavatories - Man who landed gyrocopter at US Capitol pleads not guilty
  17.  Saudi Arabia wants to head UN human rights council - VIDEO: Gutfeld: US gets lecture on human rights
  18.  Grand jury indicts 6 police officers in death of Freddie Gray
  19.  States move to restrict items eligible for food stamp purchases - VIDEO: Lawmakers debate food stamps being used to buy junk food
  20.  Boy Scouts' president says ban on gay adults 'cannot be sustained' - Ireland voters to decide whether to legalize same-sex marriage
  21.  Obama's trade agenda clears key Senate hurdle
  22.  Biker killed in Waco melee was a Vietnam veteran honored with Purple Heart
  23.  High-ranking DEA agent charged in NJ strip club that hired undocumented workers
  24.  Omaha police officer killed in shootout just hours before going on maternity leave - One day after Omaha cop's death, her premature daughter sent home from hospital - VIDEO: Killings of police officers on the rise
  25.  Woman held in box for months found dead, man sought, police say
  26.  Environmental groups seize on latest California oil spill - Environmentalists fail in bid to revoke GOP senator's degree

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