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  1. Yesterday
  2. 12:11 a.m.City Council Takes Next Step With Crossing Guard Proposal
  3. 11:26 p.m.PHOTOS/AUDIO : Kansas City Royals Beat San Francisco 7-2 To Even The World Series
  4. 7:35 p.m.BREAKING: Pedestrian Hit By Vehicle At Glenstone/Belmont In Springfield
  5. 7:30 p.m.Dallas nurse Amber Vinson is Ebola-free, family says
  6. 6:56 p.m.Avoid Stretch Of James River Freeway Next Two Nights
  7. 4:42 p.m.VIDEO: Trains Nearly Repaired Following Arkansas Crash
  8. 4:40 p.m.Missouri Republicans Call For Ebola Travel Ban
  9. 4:20 p.m.Former NFL Running Back Charged In Arkansas Oxycodone Ring
  10. 4:06 p.m.Phony World Series Tickets, Merchandise Seized
  11. 4:00 p.m.FirstAlert Forecast: Showers Possible In The Ozarks On Thursday
  1. Yesterday
  2. 11:26 p.m.PHOTOS/AUDIO : Kansas City Royals Beat San Francisco 7-2 To Even The World Series
  3. 4:06 p.m.Phony World Series Tickets, Merchandise Seized
  4. 3:29 p.m.Lineups Announced For Game 2 Of 2014 World Series
  1.  Canadian PM says Parliament shooting second terror attack in three days
  2.  OBAMACARE SCRAMBLE Companies trying to avoid fines for noncompliant plans
  3.  'IN OUR BACKYARD' Two WWII shipwrecks found off North Carolina coast
  4.  AIRDROP ERROR? ISIS claims intercept of US weapons to Kurds
  5.  SIGN OF A LANDSLIDE? GOP leads Dems in Iowa early vote for first time
  6.  Man apprehended after scaling White House fence - VIDEO: White House fence jumper kicks dog - VIDEO: Secret Service stop man who hopped WH fence
  7.  Blackwater guards found guilty in Iraq shootings
  8.  Reports of new ISIS advance against Yazidis worry US - Report: US working closely with Kurds to save Kobani - Computers searched for clues why 3 girls fled to possibly join ISIS
  9.  Royals even World Series behind big sixth inning
  10.  Apple-1 computer sold at auction for $905,000
  11.  British man faked coma for 2 years to avoid court
  12.  Palestinian driver kills baby at Jerusalem train station
  13.  Arbitrator says NFL Commissioner must testify at Ray Rice appeal hearing
  14.  Scientists describe newly discovered dinosaur as 'one of the weirdest', 'pretty goofy'
  15.  'Cold Case' playing cards could help crack cases - Investigators using cell phone records to track recent movements of serial killing suspect
  16.  Kenny G draws China's ire with visit to Hong Kong protesters
  17.  #MARINEHELDINMEXICO: Mom pleads with lawmakers for 'despondent' Marine's freedom - Full Coverage: Marine jailed in Mexico
  18.  Supreme Court makes rare correction to Ginsburg dissent in Texas voter ID law case
  19.  Gunman in Houston murder-suicide may have been pursuing romantic relationship
  20.  States take emergency response into own hands - CDC to monitor all from Ebola-stricken countries - Family of 6 quarantined in Conn. over Ebola fears - Family: Doctors don't detect Ebola in nurse's body
  21.  Dems slammed for election flier invoking Ferguson - Report: Brown autopsy casts doubt on claims he was running away - VIDEO: Politicians campaigning on tragedy in Ferguson - OPINION: The truth about young black men and police shootings
  22.  Dumped woman spends week in KFC to get over ex
  23.  Mexican mayor and his wife linked to deadly attack on students, attorney general says
  24.  Gunmen kill 8 Shiite Muslims in Pakistan attack
  25.  Femur reveals when humans, Neanderthals interbred - Skulls show when Europeans could drink milk
  26.  Krauthammer: 'Tremendous ideological appeal of ISIS' could be inspiring lone-wolf attacks

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