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  1. 2:12 p.m.Journalists Arrested During Ferguson Protests Settle Lawsuits
  2. 2:04 p.m.New NFL Stadium Plan Gets Boost In St.Louis
  3. 10:00 a.m.Today's "Weather Geeks" Video
  4. 7:12 a.m.9 Year Old Bat Boy Dies After He Was Hit In the Head By A Bat
  5. 6:00 a.m.FirstAlert Forecast: Hot Temperatures Today
  6. 4:55 a.m.State Senator Says Planned Parenthood Does A Lot Of Good Things
  7. 4:52 a.m.Missouri Senate President Will Resign This Week
  8. 4:46 a.m.Manhunt Underway In Memphis For Cop Killer Suspect
  9. 5:22 a.m.New Majority Floor Leader Says He Will Work With Democrats
  10. Yesterday
  11. 12:45 a.m.Springfield Cardinals Lose To The Naturals 9-4
  1. 2:04 p.m.New NFL Stadium Plan Gets Boost In St.Louis
  2. Yesterday
  3. 12:45 a.m.Springfield Cardinals Lose To The Naturals 9-4
  4. 5:25 p.m.Cardinals' Moss Helps New Team Win With Game-Ending Single
  5. 3:38 p.m.Colabello Homers, Jays Beat Royals 5-2 In Testy Game
  1.  Fox News Poll: New high for Donald Trump, new low for Hillary Clinton
  2.  OBAMA TARGETS COAL Unveils deep power plant emissions cuts; fight looms
  3.  ANYONE BUT HILLARY? Once a lock, Dems now looking at Clinton options
  4.  'DEATH' IS AN OPTION Jury rules Holmes qualifies for capital punishment
  5.  TOASTING TEHRAN 'Heat dome' brings searing 164-degree reading to Iran
  6.  White House mulling intervention in massive judgment against Palestinians in terror case
  7.  Navy official: Not ruling out charging service member who fired on Chattanooga shooter
  8.  Texas' attorney general charged with securities fraud
  9.  Eye-scanning tech used to track terrorists adapted to help find missing children
  10.  Wall Street ends lower as energy sector fuels dip
  11.  As Dem Rep. Grayson runs for Senate seat, girlfriend reportedly runs for his
  12.  Prof who accused cop of profiling flunks dash-cam test
  13.  DNC head still can’t explain difference between Democrats, socialists
  14.  2 Israelis hurt in fire bomb attack on car in Jerusalem
  15.  STARNES: TCU student punished for criticizing Islam, Baltimore riots
  16.  Senate to vote Monday on defunding Planned Parenthood, first step in renewed battle - VIDEO: Fallout of undercover Planned Parenthood videos - VIDEO: Undercover videos spark Planned Parenthood funding feud
  17.  Delta bans shipment of some animal trophies
  18.  Jessica Alba’s company under fire as customers complain sunscreen doesn’t work
  19.  Second Recall at Kraft After Consumers Choke on Plastic
  20.  Greek Shares Tumble as Market Reopens
  21.  Indiana bans almost all phone use for drivers under 21, some legislators unaware
  22.  Former President Carter has liver surgery, expected to make ‘full recovery’
  23.  Following death of Cecil, Zimbabwe authorities ID 2nd American in illegal lion kill - Zimbabwe to press for extradition of hunter who killed Cecil the lion - Zimbabwe safari operator says 2nd American accused of illegal lion hunt acted in 'good faith'
  24.  US-led air strikes in Iraq, Syria killed many civilians, report says
  25.  Woman fatally beat family dog with shovel and claw hammer, prosecutors say
  26.  Authorities identify suspect wanted in fatal shooting of Memphis police officer during traffic stop - VIDEO: Manhunt under way in cop killer - VIDEO: Police identify person of interest in fatal traffic stop

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