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  1. 11:11 p.m.Missouri Awarded $2 Million For Higher Education
  2. 10:41 p.m.Royals Beat Indians 2-0, Gain On Tigers
  3. 10:37 p.m.Wainwright Wins 20th, Cardinals Beat Cubs 8-0
  4. 9:34 p.m.Springfield Man Charged After Botched Craigslist Deal Shooting
  5. 8:58 p.m.BREAKING: U.S. launches airstrike against ISIS in Syria alongside allies
  6. 7:24 p.m.VIRAL VIDEO: Epic motivational post-game high school football interview goes viral
  7. 6:25 p.m.LIVE: Capacity Crowd Expected At Springfield City Council Meeting
  8. 5:50 p.m.Second Fed Med Officer Admits To Covering Up Inmate Assault
  9. 5:41 p.m.10-Month-Old In Lebanon Killed After Mother Runs Him Over
  10. 4:38 p.m.VIDEO: Starbucks Tests Stout Flavored Latte
  1. 10:41 p.m.Royals Beat Indians 2-0, Gain On Tigers
  2. 10:37 p.m.Wainwright Wins 20th, Cardinals Beat Cubs 8-0
  3. 7:24 p.m.VIRAL VIDEO: Epic motivational post-game high school football interview goes viral
  4. Yesterday
  5. 11:15 p.m.St. Louis Cardinals Battle Illness And Reds In 7-2 Loss
  6. 10:40 p.m.Cardinals Lose To Reds 7-2 After Securing Playoff Spot
  7. 9:35 p.m.Photo Gallery: Chiefs 34, Dolphins 15
  8. 6:45 p.m.Alex Smith Leads Chiefs Past Dolphins 34-15
  9. 5:03 p.m.St. Louis Cardinals Clinch Fourth Straight Trip To Postseason
  10. 4:49 p.m.Royals Beat Tigers 5-2 To Avoid Sweep
  11. 3:14 p.m.VIDEO: Cowboys Erase 21-Point Deficit, Beat Rams 34-31
  1.  US begins airstrikes over Syria
  2.  WHITE HOUSE BREACH Prosecutor: Intruder had 2 run-ins with law in '14
  3.  TERRORIST DEAD? Pic prompts speculation Boko Haram leader killed
  4.  'EXCELLENT' VENTURE? Keanu's motorcycle company debuts first bike
  5.  AWOL AFGHANS Pentagon says soldiers who visit, vanish not threat
  6.  GOP fears Kerry giving Iran nuke 'concessions' - Israel official: US must be cautious in nuke talks - VIDEO: GOP lawmaker concerned over meeting
  7.  Number of ObamaCare enrollees appears to be dropping
  8.  Donations pour in for kids of mom killed saving baby
  9.  NYPD picks up tips at 'Twitter School'
  10.  SEC announces largest reward ever
  11.  Climate change skeptics call out marchers’ ‘hypocrisies’ - OPINION: Obama gives cash to developing nations for climate change without any strings attached
  12.  Gynecologists resist FDA over popular surgical tool
  13.  Apple sells record 10M new iPhones in first 3 days
  14.  Little League coach killed in freak batting accident
  15.  Lawmaker who called Sen. Gillibrand ‘chubby’ revealed
  16.  Notes between Clinton, lib activist Alinsky revealed - Michelle Obama hits trail for endangered Democrats - OPINION: Dems turn to first lady, not her husband - FULL COVERAGE: 2014 Midterm Elections
  17.  Jury: Jordan-based bank liable in terror attacks
  18.  Issa renews call for Lerner to testify after interview - VIDEO: Lerner breaks silence on IRS scandal
  19.  Protests at border crossings canceled by organizers for fear of drug cartel violence
  20.  OPINION: Why jailed Marine will be home soon - VIDEO: Bikers rally for Marine - FULL COVERAGE: #MarineHeldinMexico
  21.  Alaska reporter quits on air to promote pot business - Group gives hundreds of vets free pot in Denver
  22.  Search area narrowing in hunt for Pennsylvania ambush shooting suspect, police say - VIDEO: Police: Suspect's rifle found in woods
  23.  Treasury Department takes aim at corporate inversions
  24.  Cuban efforts to hang onto baseball talent not working
  25.  Ebola almost contained in Senegal, Nigeria
  26.  Man seen with missing UVA student won't talk - VIDEO: Police issue arrest warrant - VIDEO: Police chief speaks out

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