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  1. 5:27 p.m.Suspicious Acting Man Dumping Trash At Convenience Store Being Sought By Police
  2. 5:04 p.m.Authorities Search A Home In North Springfield
  3. 2:39 p.m.CoxHealth Medical Helicopter Remains Grounded After Clipping Power Line
  4. 1:58 p.m.Stretch Of Road In Ferguson Reopens
  5. 1:16 p.m.Search Continues For Missing Toddler In Arkansas
  6. 1:08 p.m.State Rep Pushing Prescription Drug Monitoring Prorgam
  7. 11:54 a.m.Royals Trade One Pitcher, Get Two
  8. 9:01 a.m.'Dear Santa' Letters Due By December 15th
  9. 5:05 a.m.Nixa Students To Hold Candlelight Vigil
  10. 5:01 a.m.Former Playboy Playmate At MSU On World AIDS Day
  1. 11:54 a.m.Royals Trade One Pitcher, Get Two
  2. Yesterday
  3. 4:20 a.m.MSU Bears Defeated By Colorado In Alaska Opener 76-61
  1.  Oil and gas prices in freefall as OPEC reels from US fracking boom
  2.  ANCIENT SEA MYSTERY 'World's first computer' more complex than thought
  3.  SUSPENSION LIFTED Former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice wins appeal
  4.  UNION CANS COKE Teachers accuse company of 'human rights' abuses
  5.  'BAND OF MOTHERS' Moms of wounded vets are caregivers at Walter Reed
  6.  Early start takes frenzy out of Black Friday - Best Buy website suffers Black Friday crash - Ferguson protesters move from streets to stores
  7.  'Chespirito,' beloved Mexican comedian who made a generation laugh, dead at 85
  8.  Why did this teacher's union ban Coca-Cola?
  9.  Religious group wants to build McDonald’s in a church
  10.  Obama administration to free more GITMO detainees
  11.  Black lawmakers against recognition of Va. tribe
  12.  Ohio State player vanishes ahead of rivalry game
  13.  Illegal immigrants to be eligible for Social Security, Medicare
  14.  Mexico announces anti-crime crackdown in wake of students' disappearance
  15.  Austin police say gunman who targeted downtown buildings is dead
  16.  Mexico asks kids to turn in toy guns in peace push
  17.  Girl, 6, fights costumed characters in Times Square
  18.  Democratic Party divides come to forefront following midterm defeat
  19.  FDA to weigh lifting ban on gay men donating blood
  20.  Teacher hurt by rock dropped on car has sixth surgery
  21.  NY cop helps save boys buried in snowbank
  22.  Nigeria child bride, 14, faces death penalty for allegedly poisoning husband
  23.  Prisoners get millions from IRS in bogus refund claims, watchdog finds
  24.  Iran supreme leader slams America as 'chameleon' in statement on nuclear talks extension
  25.  Ken Box's close call
  26.  MTV star dies

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