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Richard Branson pranks Branson, Mo. with early April Fools joke

9:06 AM Social media was buzzing Tuesday morning in the Ozarks after a post by Richard Branson on his company's website promising to move their U.S. headquarters
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Richard Branson pranks Branson, Mo. with early April Fools joke


  1. 9:06 a.m.VIDEO: Richard Branson pranks Branson, Mo. with early April Fools joke
  2. 6:00 a.m.FirstAlert Forecast: Beautiful Spring Weather Today
  3. 5:08 a.m.AUDIO: Explosion Rattles Few Homes In Clever
  4. 4:25 a.m.Springfield Police Union Approves Bargaining Agreement
  5. 3:11 a.m.Missouri House Endorses Limits On State Spending Increases
  6. 3/31/2015Missouri Prescription Drug Database Earns Initial Approval
  7. 3/31/2015Springfield Lasers Release 2015 Schedule
  8. Yesterday
  9. 1:26 a.m.Timmons Temple Rolls Into New Location Tuesday
  10. 8:24 p.m.Route 76 Set To Get A New Bridge
  11. 7:37 p.m.Former Branson Mayor Stanley Ball Dies At 97
  1. 3/31/2015Springfield Lasers Release 2015 Schedule
  1.  ATTACK ON CHRISTIANS Muslim groups mob church honoring ISIS victims
  2.  ARMED AND DANGEROUS Virginia prisoner escapes hospital with guard's gun
  3.  A DEAL — OR JUST MORE TALK? US, Iran in final hours of nuke talks, reportedly near deal... but not on nukes
  4.  'WE'LL FIX THIS' Indiana Gov. Pence vows to clarify religious freedom law
  5.  OUTREACH PROGRAM US deal to teach Mexican immigrants how to unionize
  6.  KURTZ: Why Martin O'Malley is running without laying a glove on Hillary - Rubio to announce 2016 decision on April 13 - VIDEO: Rubio to announce 2016 decision - Christie backs abortion ban after 20 weeks
  7.  US to promise up to 28 percent emissions cut for global climate treaty
  8.  Sources say 2 men shot at NSA gate may have been partying, on drugs - VIDEO: 1 dead after shooting outside NSA HQ
  9.  DOJ appeals judge's hold on immigration exec action
  10.  Dozens of student loan recipients go on 'debt strike'
  11.  Senator challenges pols after ISIS-cop comparison
  12.  Banned group takes prosecutor hostage in Turkey
  13.  Missing UC Berkeley soccer player was killed by car after leaving frat party, police say - Police: Missing Minn. college student entered river
  14.  Arizona gov vetoes bill to keep names of officers involved in shootings secret
  15.  Lt. Col. Hite, one of last surviving 'Doolittle Raiders,' dies
  16.  French investigators eye cockpit entry, psychological screening rules after Germanwings crash - 'Wild Tales' has disclaimer added due to similarities with Germanwings crash
  17.  10-foot, 300-pound metal rooster missing in Georgia
  18.  Mom of special-needs student barred from wearing varsity jacket vows to fight - VIDEO: Child told to remove varsity jacket
  19.  Mexican double transplant patient gets 90-day pass from DHS
  20.  Spokesman for Missouri state auditor found dead 1 month after boss killed himself
  21.  Early returns show Nigeria presidential election too close to call
  22.  Defense tries to shift blame to older brother in Boston Marathon bombing - VIDEO: Defense in bombing trial starts case - FULL COVERAGE: Boston Marathon bombing trial
  23.  Hotel for Michelle Obama's Cambodia visit cost $242G
  24.  NM commission rescinds sweeping fracking ban
  25.  More Hellcats on the way?
  26.  Movie, plane crash similar

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