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  1. 11:54 a.m.Justice Dept. clears Darren Wilson in Ferguson shooting
  2. 11:22 a.m.UPDATE: Man Identified In Fatal Springfield House Fire
  3. 11:00 a.m.Today's "Weather Geeks" Video
  4. 7:40 a.m.LIVE: Ozarks Winter Weather Dashboard
  5. 7:19 a.m.Slick Roads Causing Numerous Crashes Around Springfield Metro Area
  6. 5:42 a.m.Photo Gallery: Hour By Hour Future Radar Shows Sleet And Snow In The Ozarks Today
  7. 4:14 a.m.AUDIO: Springfield Police Say Crime Is Down
  8. 3:31 a.m.Gas Prices Are On The Rise
  9. 3:27 a.m.Springfield Company Opens On Site Clinic
  10. 3:24 a.m.Missouri's Unemployment Rises to 5.5%
  1. Yesterday
  2. 6:15 a.m.Springfield Public Schools Name New Athletic Director
  1.  BREAKING NEWS DOJ won't prosecute former Ferguson cop Darren Wilson
  2.  BUDDY HOLLY CRASH Feds asked to reopen probe into fatal 1959 plane crash
  3.  TODD STARNES BBQ pitmasters told to take down American flags
  4.  JUSTICES DIVIDED Supreme Court appears split in ObamaCare subsidy case
  5.  State Department says Netanyahu twisted Kerry's words in speech to Congress - Part 1 of speech
  6.  Suspicions of Turkey, Hamas alliance stoke fears in Israel
  7.  Defense secretary: 'Mistake' to have 'blurted out' Mosul offensive plans
  8.  FBI arrests suspect in spate of Maryland shootings, including near NSA HQ
  9.  Indian Parliament erupts after rape documentary is banned
  10.  'A soldier in a holy war': Prosecutor paints accused Boston Marathon bomber as a murderous jihadist - FULL COVERAGE: Boston Marathon bombing trial
  11.  Sportsmen group accused of being 'green decoy' for environmentalists
  12.  Massachusetts judge throws out confession of teen accused of killing teacher
  13.  East Coast braces for one-two punch of weather - FOX NEWS WEATHER CENTER
  14.  China defends military items found on cargo ship headed to Cuba
  15.  Mayor: Public can't ask questions at council meetings
  16.  France issues warrants for suspects in '82 terror attack
  17.  Feds crack down on Chinese 'birth tourism' - DR. MANNY: 'Birthing tourism' is medical issue too - VIDEO: Fed raids targeting 'birth tourism'
  18.  Top Senate Republican tells states to ignore EPA carbon rules
  19.  Hillary Clinton's computer server traced to family's New York home - FOX NEWS FIRST: No entitlement reform: Hillary email scandal reveals core weakness - KURTZ: Hillary's email fiasco puts her back in media bullseye - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton's email controversy
  20.  Ohio suspect who taunted police via social media gets face time with police
  21.  Mexican police capture leader of Los Zetas drug cartel, officials say - Knights Templar leader caught thanks to mistress, chocolate cake and a party
  22.  Fingerprints of Aaron Hernandez and his alleged victim found in car
  23.  House approves DHS funding bill, ending immigration standoff - VIDEO: What's behind DHS showdown - STARNES: Why Boehner needs to go
  24.  Georgia police officer killed in ambush shooting
  25.  2 dead babies wrapped in linens mistakenly sent to Las Vegas laundry facility
  26.  Couple surprises guests with ISIS-themed wedding

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