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  1. 3:34 p.m.Police: Auditor's Spokesman Wrote 'Can't Take Being Unemployed Again'
  2. 3:00 p.m.FirstAlert Forecast: A Few Clouds Overnight
  3. 2:00 p.m.Today's "Weather Geeks" Video
  4. Updated: 1:30 p.m.VIDEO: Richard Branson pranks Branson, Mo., with early April Fools joke
  5. 1:23 p.m.Confirmed Rabies Case Found In Skunk In Ozark
  6. 1:09 p.m.Springfield City Council Approves Pay Raise For Police
  7. 12:10 p.m.Kozma, Grichuk Fill Out Cardinals Roster
  8. 5:08 a.m.AUDIO: Explosion Rattles Few Homes In Clever
  9. 4:25 a.m.Springfield Police Union Approves Bargaining Agreement
  10. 3:11 a.m.Missouri House Endorses Limits On State Spending Increases
  1. 12:10 p.m.Kozma, Grichuk Fill Out Cardinals Roster
  2. 3/31/2015Springfield Lasers Release 2015 Schedule
  1.  64 terror plots targeting American homeland since 9/11, report says
  2.  CELEBRITIES TARGETED? Calif. 'abduction' was practice run, lawyer says
  3.  ARKANSAS JOINS FRAY State passes religious freedom law similar to Ind.
  4.  FIGHTING EXTREMISM US releases $1.3B in military aid to Egypt
  5.  LUFTHANSA KNEW: Airline admits co-pilot reported depression in 2009 - VIDEO: Lufthansa admits it knew of co-pilot's 'depressive episode' - French Alps crash shows psychiatrists cannot be last line of defense
  6.  Sexist songbook reportedly unearthed in lawsuit seeking to overhaul military judicial system
  7.  Son of Holocaust survivors fights to save Syrian refugees
  8.  House panel subpoenas 2 Secret Service agents in White House traffic incident
  9.  Sports clinic allows disabled vets to reach new peaks
  10.  4 ways to snag an extra tax break - How to determine dependents to maximize tax savings - Ten Tax Tips to Avoid Costly Mistakes
  11.  Mom of special-needs student barred from wearing varsity jacket vows to fight
  12.  Obama vetoes measure against swifter union elections
  13.  Media misfire? Columbia J-school, Bloomberg unite to teach gun coverage - VIDEO: 13 states sponsoring bills that would allow guns on campuses
  14.  Obama commutes sentences of 22 people in federal prison
  15.  Doc who tangled with Kim Kardashian being investigated for death of buttocks implant patient - VIDEO: Kim Kardashian says bye-bye to blonde - After nearly dying from implants, Miss BumBum runner-up finds faith
  16.  Protracted nuclear talks risk ire of Congress, renewed sanctions push - Lawsuit alleges Iran directed killing of US soldiers in Iraq - Sanctions Iran could face if nuclear talks collapse - VIDEO: Sen. Graham: Iran nuke deal risks Mideast arms race
  17.  Prosecutor injured in Istanbul hostage standoff has died, PM says
  18.  Dozens of student loan recipients go on 'debt strike'
  19.  Senator challenges pols after ISIS-cop comparison
  20.  Three Pa. men charged with using day care center to sell heroin
  21.  Benghazi committee seeks 'transcribed' interview with Clinton over deleted records - Clinton poll numbers take hit in key swing states - OPINION: How do you solve a problem like the Clintons?
  22.  Virginia prisoner who escaped hospital is captured - Man, woman found dead after Calif. medical office shooting, police say
  23.  Kerry accused of exaggerating role as senator in early global warming hearings - Reid has no regrets over claiming Romney didn't pay taxes
  24.  DOJ appeals judge's hold on immigration exec action
  25.  Buhari wins in Nigeria, defeating Goodluck Jonathan
  26.  Venezuela's government fires employees who refuse to sign against US sanctions, NGO claims

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