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  1. Yesterday
  2. 8:36 p.m.Missouri Senate Panel Considers Stricter Law On Deadly Force
  3. 8:35 p.m.Missouri Republican Wants To Bar Health Insurance Subsidies
  4. 8:32 p.m.Michael Brown's Family Disappointed With Justice Department
  5. 7:55 p.m.VIDEO: McCulloch Not Surprised By Justice Decision
  6. 11:54 a.m.Justice Dept. clears Darren Wilson in Ferguson shooting
  7. 11:22 a.m.UPDATE: Man Identified In Fatal Springfield House Fire
  8. 11:00 a.m.Today's "Weather Geeks" Video
  9. 7:40 a.m.LIVE: Ozarks Winter Weather Dashboard
  10. 7:19 a.m.Slick Roads Causing Numerous Crashes Around Springfield Metro Area
  11. 5:42 a.m.Photo Gallery: Hour By Hour Future Radar Shows Sleet And Snow In The Ozarks Today
  1.  FACEBOOK FLUB Florida man jailed in UAE over posts about job
  2.  BENGHAZI PROBE Clinton emails subpoenaed by House committee
  3.  US alarmed by top Iran commander leading Iraqi troops against ISIS
  4.  BLOODY ATTACK US envoy to South Korea wounded by man with knife
  5.  HILLARY'S EMAIL MESS Clinton asks State Dept. to make her messages public
  6.  Eastern US braces for another major snowstorm amid hope winter weather is winding down - VIDEO: Huge winter storm leaves airline passengers stranded - FOX NEWS WEATHER CENTER
  7.  Ben Carson apologizes for remarks on homosexuality
  8.  Ariz. House approves bill allowing concealed-carry for public buildings
  9.  2.8-million-year-old jaw bone fragment oldest known fossil from humans' ancestors
  10.  Carsickness led to $4.8M heist of gold bars, truck crew says
  11.  Second Los Angeles hospital reports outbreak of superbug tied to scopes
  12.  GOP-led Senate fails to override Obama's Keystone veto, lawmakers say fight not over
  13.  Nemtsov is latest Putin critic to wind up dead - At least 10 dead, dozens reported trapped after Ukraine coal mine explosion
  14.  Virginia 17-year-old reportedly accused of helping man join ISIS
  15.  Mexican police capture leader of Los Zetas drug cartel, officials say - Knights Templar leader caught thanks to mistress, chocolate cake and a party
  16.  Suspicions of Turkey, Hamas alliance stoke fears in Israel
  17.  Victims recount injury and heartache during Boston bombing suspect's trial - FULL COVERAGE: Boston Marathon bombing trial
  18.  Obama signs Homeland Security funding bill into law - VIDEO: What's behind DHS showdown - TODD STARNES: Why Boehner needs to go
  19.  DOJ will not prosecute former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson - OPINION: Why Justice reports on Wilson, police matter to us all
  20.  Hunters seek to regulate growing bison herd in Grand Canyon National Park
  21.  FOX NEWS POLLS: Voters feel US is less safe, Islamic extremists making gains - 65 percent say use force to stop Iran, 84 percent call possible deal 'bad idea' - Voters say more Obama vetoes would be bad for country
  22.  Homer Simpson discovered Higgs boson 14 years before scientists, author claims
  23.  Supreme Court justices split over ObamaCare subsidies - OPINION: Will Supreme Court put ObamaCare on life support? - Sen. Ted Cruz presents detailed alternative to 'ObamaCare' in the form of law
  24.  Ex-substitute teacher gets jail sentence for showing high schoolers graphic movie
  25.  Florida drops bid to require drug tests for welfare applicants after court rulings
  26.  High school basketball coach suspended over players' pink jerseys for breast cancer awareness

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