Rick Moore should live outside. A fan of the history of the American West, native American culture, and everything cowboy, he was born and raised in Colorado and has always said, “the Rocky Mountains were a heck of a playground to grow up in”. He was an avid snow skier, loved hiking, backpacking, 4-wheeling and horseback riding in the mountains, or just enjoying unplanned road trips to see what he might discover.

After broadcast school, Rick knew he had to go. There were childhood events that had to be put behind him, and radio was the perfect avenue to do it. Short stints in several states brought him to Springfield, where he found a lot of similarities in the Ozarks, to where he grew up. Fun adventures, great scenery and friendly people. Perfect. When not on air, or working the many events Ktts is involved in, Rick loves paddling the many Ozark rivers, riding the trails horseback, pedaling his bike, or just an unplanned road trips to see what he might discover. Catch Rick every afternoon from 2 till 6 on Today’s Ktts and visit Rick’s Rescue’s at Ktts.com. (he’s got a soft spot for any dog, anywhere, anytime)