The Voter ID Debate Is Far From Over

One of the most emotional issues during the veto session this week was voter ID.

Lawmakers overrode Governor Jay Nixon's veto of a bill requiring a photo ID to vote was on party lines.

GOP House Speaker Todd Richardson of Poplar Bluff says it will bring integrity to the election process.

"Photo ID has been an important effort for this caucus and this majority," says Richardson, "to try to bring some integrity to our election process for a number of years."

But opponents point out election fraud rarely happens.

House Minority Leader Jake Hummel tells Missouri Net the law will impact seniors and the disabled because many of them do not have photo ID's.

"The right of the vote is not supposed to be infringed," says Hummel. "Putting another layer of restrictions in front of the voting populace is the wrong things to do."

Voter ID has one more vote.

A ballot initiative this fall, if approved by voters, would put voter ID in the state constitution.

If approved, that would start another round to this fight because opponents say they will take that to court and challenge its constitutionality.

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