Willard Student Makes Explosives Threat

Police in Willard say a student in in-school suspension brought a Thermos container to class, and made a threat that it would explode.

The middle school had to be evacuated, and Springfield Fire Department’s bomb squad was called in.

But investigators didn’t find anything dangerous inside the container.

The student who made the threat was turned over to juvenile authorities and later released to their parents.

Original Story:

Willard school officials evacuated the middle school Thursday morning due to a threat of an explosive device, but by 9:30 a.m., students and staff were allowed back in the building. 

The district sent an audio alert around 9:00 that said all students and staff had been safely transferred to the high school because of the threat. 

The first alert asked parents to not try to pick up their kids at the high school and that they would be back in the middle school building when police and fire were able to determine everything was safe. 

That all-clear came sometime around 9:15 a.m. 

School leaders say the package in question has been removed from the building. 

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