SGF Senator Bob Dixon Says Findings Are "Shameful And Worthy Of Resignation Or Removal From Office"

Springfield State Senator Bob Dixon has issued the following statement regarding the House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight Report issued Wednesday afternoon.

Senator Dixon:

I will not weigh in on the governors' pending criminal case. I am confident our judicial system, which must stay above politics, will afford every participant the guaranteed right to due process, however, is not a criminal process. We expect more leaders than just legal behavior. We expect character and integrity. I have always believed that people who cannot govern themselves cannot be trusted to govern others.

Article VII, section 3 of the Missouri Constitution states, "judgment of impeachment shall not extend beyond removal from office...."Therefore, impeachable offenses under Article VII, Section 1 need to be solely criminal and require a  different and separate standard.

Every member the House Special Investigative Committee is a person I know to be of impeccable character and integrity. They are principled public servants. The sworn testimony given before the committee describes events that are both repugnant and nauseating. As a husband and father of three daughters, I find the content of the reports and governor's characterization of it beyond shameful and worthy of resignation or removal from office.

The House committee is investigating additional allegations of wrongdoing by the governor, but that does not mean the Senate cannot or should not begin discussion of its duties under Article VII, Section 2. The Senate needs to be prepared and ready to act without delay in accordance with 106.080,RSMo, should the House impeach.

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