Springfield Police Glad Accused Killer Off Streets

A sigh of relief from Springfield Police now that accused killer Willie Haughton is off the streets.

Police say Haughton was arrested without incident overnight at a home near Sunshine and the West Bypass.

Haughton was wanted for killing two people who were found shot to death in their cars just days apart.

He was first believed to be in a house near Kearney and Bolivar Road, which prompted an all-day standoff on Thursday with the SWAT team.

Police chief Paul Williams says the three people who eventually came out of the home were very misleading

"Not being helpful, not being truthful about whether he was there or not. We had someone who stuck with their story pretty heavily that he was there, and then a couple of people that he wasn't."

Williams says that's why police stuck around so long, before eventually going inside the home Thursday night.

"It makes it very difficult for us to figure out what to do next, or where to go. But, we're not going to leave that first location on Bolivar Road until we're absolutely sure that he was or wasn't there."

But the U.S. Marshal’s Violent Crime Task Force had been watching the other house – around Sunshine and West Bypass - all day.

Haughton gave up pretty quickly once he knew he was surrounded.

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