UPDATE: Springfield-Branson Airport Deals With Icy Runways

Good news, one of the Springfield-Branson Airport runways is now ice free. Bad news, the airlines have already canceled all Sunday evening arrivals.

Airport authorities say that translates into several cancellations for early Monday morning. 

Flight schedules won’t return to normal until midday Monday.


ORIGINAL STORY: Icy conditions at the Springfield-Branson Airport make it unlikely there will be any flights taking off. 

While the runways are not closed, most pilots would not choose to use them.

The airport may not see significant improvement until mid-day Monday.

Temperature will be the main challenge facing airport maintenance workers. The runways are currently covered with ice melting chemical, but it's too cold for the chemical to work effectively. 

The only thing the airport can do at this point is waiting for the temperature to get above 30 degrees. When that happens, the chemicals will start to effectively melt the ice.

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