Special Prosecutor To Investigate Bob Cirtin

A Greene County judge will appoint a special prosecutor to look into whether Commissioner Bob Cirtin broke the law by allegedly asking county workers to promote a sales tax.

Linda Simkins filed an affidavit asking that Cirtin be removed from office.

Cirtin says he did nothing wrong.

Simkins previously told KTTS News that she spent more than 100 hours reading through 1,800 emails related to the sales tax.

The tax was passed by voters in November.

Simkins asked the Greene County prosecutor to recuse himself because he had been copied on many of Cirtin’s emails to county workers.

The prosecutor referred the case to the Attorney General, but a judge decided the prosecutor doesn’t have the power to do that.

So, the judge decided to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Simkins' request.

Cirtin released the following statement:

"This entails one of many complaints submitted by Linda Simpkins. This complaint was sent to the Greene County Prosecutor who determined that the appropriate way to handle the matter is to refer it the Missouri Attorney General’s office which was done on February 9, 2018. Only Judge Cordonnier can explain why he waited more than two months to take this action now when the Attorney General and Missouri Ethics Commission are already looking into the issues."

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