Rustic Furniture Business In Mountain Grove Has More Than 200 Complaints

The Better Business Bureau says it's received more than 200 complaints against an Ozarks company that makes hand-crafted gun concealment and rustic furniture. 

The issue? Failing to deliver goods in a timely manner and being lax in issuing refunds. 

The owner of Rough Country Rustic Furniture, based in Mountain Grove, sent a letter to the BBB in October stating there's been a series of problems with some employees and contractors, and that's the reason for backorders and delivery issues.  

in a news release, the BBB quoted owner Joseph Ross as saying "We are doing everything we can to make this right." 

But many folks who have filed complaints say they can't get anyone to return e-mails and aren't able to reach anyone by phone.

In fact, the BBB says since October, consumers have filed 74 new complaints that have gone unaddressed by the company. 

In its news release, the BBB says a consumer from Houston, Missouri says she posted inquiries about her order on the businesses' Facebook page, but the posts were deleted without a response. 

The woman says she ordered a five-piece $1,681 bedroom set designed to conceal firearms in March. She finally got the set in October, more than twice the delivery time estimate. 

The customer says the order was incomplete, and she discovered a note in the drawer indicating the gun magnets, needed for the concealment to work, were missing and on backorder. 

The BBB indicates the note said the missing items would be shipped upon arrival, and the woman added "Given their history, I'm not holding my breath." 

The Better Business Bureau says a woman from Kahoka, Missouri ordered a bed from the company's website because of a 25% off sale that ended at midnight, only to find the sale is ongoing and the deadline date changes daily. "I usually do more research on a company," the woman said. But she acted quickly when she found a bed on the company's website for less than half the price of others she researched. 

The BBB says one year, later the woman is still without a bed set or a refund check. 

The Better Business Bureau is offering these tips for consumers interested in purchasing furniture online: 

  • Research the business and owners carefully before signing a contract, and go to to search for profiles. 
  • Pay by credit card whenever possible in case you need to challenge the payment for non-delivery of the product. 
  • Read all terms and conditions before making a purchase online. 
  • Read online reviews from several sources to get a balanced view of customer experiences. 
  • Don't accept a professional-looking website or presence on social media as verification that a business is trustworthy.

The business reached out to KTTS News Monday morning saying they'd like to clear the air about the complaints on their business and that "we may seem like awful people but I assure you we are not." 

Ashley Ross, with Rough Country Rustic Furniture, added she needs to speak to her lawyer to see what she can talk about, as there's a pending lawsuit against the company's former contractor. 




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