Right To Work Laws Coming To State, Unions Can Still Survive In Missouri

The Republican dominated legislature is poised to pass a measure establishing the status, while incoming GOP Governor Eric Greitens has indicated he’d quickly sign it into law.

An expert on labor tells the Missourinet that unions can survive Missouri’s all but certain move to become a right-to-work state in 2017. 

Professor Jake Rosenfeld of Washington University in St. Louis points to Nevada as an example of a right to work state with robust union participation.
“Nevada workers who are covered by union contracts join the union” said Rosenfeld.  “They don’t have to.  It’s a right to work state, but upwards of 90 percent choose to do.”
Rosenfeld thinks organized labor in Missouri should look to Nevada as a model to follow.  He says Nevada has active and effective union leadership which keeps workers involved and motivated.
Right to work legislation lets workers opt out of paying union dues and still receive benefits and protections offered by the unions.  
Those benefits typically include better wages and health coverage.
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