New Voter ID Cards Issued

If you’re a registered voter in Greene County, a blue postcard with your name on it should be in your mailbox soon.

Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller is asking for registered voters in the county to keep a lookout for a new voter ID card.

Schoeller says by law they send out these new cards to canvas the entire county every other year to make sure the records they have are as current as possible.

The ID card lists important information such as your polling place location, ward or township, and your legislative, senate and school district.

Schoeller says even though you are getting this document in the mail, this has nothing to do with the Photo ID law that went into effect in 2017. This is just a way to keep their registration current for upcoming elections.

If you get a voter ID card for someone who does not live at your address, it is important to note on the card that the individual no longer lives at that address. Then place the card back in the mail.

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