Missouri National Guard Brings Training Program To Joplin

JOPLIN, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri National Guard recently hosted a one-hour workout session for members of a leadership program at Missouri Southern State University to encourage fitness in the community.

About 40 members of the school's Show-Me Gold program and two members of the public were put to the fitness test Jan. 27 at the Billingsly Student Center. The event was the guard's fourth one held in Missouri, the Joplin Globe reported .

The Show-Me Gold program helps people become officers in the state Army National Guard through training and leadership.

The workout program began in October and is held throughout the state, said Second Lt. Megan Webb, the guard's fitness improvement director. A team of personal trainers work with participants to help them improve their body composition and overall physical fitness.

"This is the new fitness improvement training program, or FIT-P, and we've revamped it from previous years," Webb said. "We have two main components. One is to work with soldiers in their home environment. ... The other component of our program are these events like we had today, physical training with the National Guard. The point of those is to improve fitness culture in the Missouri National Guard."

The program works to promote full-body fitness and is made up of exercises like running and lunges.

Webb said she thought the event at the university was successful but hopes to have more participation from the public next time.

"We got some community members out, we had the Gold program and everyone had a good workout," she said. "We included our warmup, our cool-down and our nutrition bit, and that was the goal of the program. We would love to have more people come out for these events."

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