Man Falls Into Lake During Pursuit In Stone County

A couple running from deputies in a stolen vehicle west of Lampe this morning caused quite a stir.

The Stone County Sheriff’s Office says employees at a job site on H Highway near Chopperhead Road noticed a vehicle which looked suspicious in the area.  

Deputies were dispatched to the area to look for the vehicle.  After the plate was ran, authorities found it was reported stolen from Barry County.

Deputies came across the vehicle on H Highway and tried to initiate a traffic stop on it. The vehicle then fled down a side road.  

Deputies say they started to pursue it, but due to the weather conditions and the roads they were on, the pursuit was terminated.

Deputies then located the vehicle next to the lake off Rambling Road when members of the public called 911 and reported the vehicle drove down by the lake and then the occupants abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot.

Deputies say they found the man, but he took off again alongside the lake and at one point fell into the lake.  

Water Patrol was called in to assist and the male was located next to a large rock in the lake in about five foot of water.  

Due to the length of time he was in the water along with the water and air temp, he was then transported to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia. 

The female was later located near the abandoned vehicle where she was hiding under a small rock out cropping. 

Both individuals are currently incarcerated in the Stone County Jail awaiting formal charges from the prosecuting attorney.

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