Man Charged With Beating Litter Of Puppies To Death On Video

A man from Vanzant accused of posting a video of himself beating a litter of puppies to death has been charged with five felonies. 

Josiah David Wheat has his bond set at $15,000. 

The Douglas County sheriff says he received calls from all over the U.S. and Canada concerning the video, which had been posted on Facebook.

Authorities set up a traffic stop in Mountain Grove so they could get Wheat into custody, peaceful.  Wheat has a history of fighting officers.

The Douglas County sheriff and people who know Wheat say he suffers from a mental disorder. 

Authorities say they were able to seize the bat they believe was used in the killings.

Wheat has been charged with five counts of animal abuse, class E felonies.

The Humane Society helped in the investigation.

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