Least Of These Asking For Help Providing Food

The Least of These says it needs help dealing with a big increase in families coming to the food bank.

More than 130 new families have asked for food assistance since the end of April.

The Least of These says it needs donations and volunteers to keep up:

April 23, 2018 – July 13, 2018 – LOT has seen 138 NEW Christian County families who needed food assistance in 34 days of service.

This group is made up of the following:

* 47 Families Reside West of Hwy 65 in Christian County

* 87 Families Reside East of Hwy 65 in Christian County

* 4 Families are Homeless in Christian County

* Average Annual Income - $13,145

* Average Household Size – 3

* Needs: o Monetary donations to help offset the additional costs associated with the increased number of new families we are serving.

* New families receive several additional items with their regular food order. These items are staples such as sugar, flour, condiments, etc. as well as cleaning and hygiene items.

* We are able to purchase approximately $10 worth of food for every $1 donated.

* We also have information regarding Missouri Food Pantry Tax Credits which are 50% credits up to $2,500 per tax payer per year. They are welcome to contact me for more information.

 Volunteers – We need more volunteers to help us meet these growing needs.

* Contact us at info@leastofthesefoodpantry.org for more information.

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