Governor Mike Parson Signs Bills In Springfield

Governor Mike Parson will be making a stop in Springfield to sign eight bills into law.

Parson will be signing bills that call for modifying emergency medical services and 911 communication practices in the state.

He also has bill signs at two other locations in Springfield.

SB 870  is a bill that modifies 15 provisions of state law related to emergency medical services, including new positions, mutual aid, training, treatment protocols, records and patient rights. 

HB 1456 contains legislation that will bring changes to the laws regarding 911 emergency communication services in Missouri. Each county can choose to implement a tax on any device that can contact 911, including wireless phones. This tax would replace 911 funding currently in place in that county. Counties that have 911 funding can choose this funding method instead of one of the two previous methods of funding 911. The approval of this 911 wireless phone tax bill will help fund the need for updated and enhanced technology to help modernize Missouri’s 911 system.

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