Freezing Rain, Ice Still Possible For Friday Morning

Warm weather this week could end up making things better when the colder temperatures roll in.

A Winter Storm Watch is in effect from late Thursday night through Saturday afternoon.

National Weather Service meteorologist Rob Frye says freezing rain is still in the forecast starting Friday morning.

And he says one degree either way could mean the difference between who gets rain, and who gets ice.

He says we’ve been lucky this week.

"We hit the 60s (Tuesday), so that's going to help warm the ground. So at least intiially, we're not expecting any real travel impacts."

Frye says that doesn't mean things won't be slick.

He says freezing rain should start moving into the Springfield area between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. Friday.

And when it hits the ground, it will stick.

But he says it won't be a major, long-lasting event.

Once the cold front hits the Springfield metro area Friday morning, we could get up to a half an inch of ice before it’s over.

Areas north of Springfield could get up to three quarters of an inch of ice, while areas from Highway 60 south to Branson could get up to three tenths of an inch.

Frye says several waves of rain will be possible once the ice comes to an end -- and that could lead to flooding.

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