Flames Shoot Out Of Metal Warehouse On Commercial Street In Springfield

Flames have shot out of a metal warehouse on Commercial Street near Missouri in Springfield Thursday morning. 

Fire Chief David Pennington says his crews were called to what used to be the American Bag and Strapping Company in the 900 block of west Commercial around 5:00 a.m.

The flames were visible to anyone near that area this morning, and part of the warehouse has collapsed.

The chief says the building contains a lot of combustible material, and the fire was contained to the warehouse. 

The current owner of the building owns Biker Wear Wholesale, and says he stored motorcycles inside the warehouse that caught fire. 

He also stored materials like packaging supplies and steel strapping. 

Police blocked off Commercial to allow ladder trucks to get to the fire, and Pennington says no one was hurt. His crews are also safe. 

The fire department asked City Utilities to shut off power to that entire neighborhood for the safety of its crews. 




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