Fire At John B. Hughes Apartments In Springfield

Firefighters worked a fire at the John B. Hughes apartments in north Springfield.


The apartments are located near Clifton and High.

A fire broke out on the second floor Wednesday afternoon.

Springfield Fire Chief David Pennington says crews started going through the building after getting reports that people were trapped.

"Multiple occupants advised we had persons trapped. The report was we had an adult and a child in an apartment near the area of the active fire.  We transmitted a second alarm. We were able to locate the victim and the adult.  The adult had left the property prior to our arrival and the infant had been rescued by one of the members of maintenance," said Chief Pennington. 

He says all of the units have some kind of damage, whether it be fire, heat or smoke damage. 

Pennington says there is damage to the electrical system in the building, so it could be a while before people are let back into the units.

Firefighters were able to get the flames out rather quickly.

The Red Cross says only half of the units are liveable at this time. Families are being helped on a case-by-case basis.

Shannon Smiley says he was taking a nap when firefighters started banging on the door.

"They told me to get everyone out.  I grabbed my daughter.  He (the firefighter) grabbed her - so I grabbed my stuffed pit bull.  He was a really good dog.  He's been like that for 22 years.  As long as we made it out...  I still got the clothes on my back, and I still got my dog," said Smiley. 

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