Convoy of Hope Helps Hurricane Florence Victims

Springfield based Convoy of Hope is en route to North Carolina to help Hurricane Florence victims.

The organization is working with the North Carolina Coast Guard and Emergency Management officials. Volunteers are driving across the coast to set up locations to deliver supplies.

"We're going to set up a centralized location, and all th e supplies like food and water will go to that location. Then we'll send it out to communities from there", says spokesperson Jeff Nene. 

Nene says  that even though the storm hasn't produced as much wind damage as expected, there’s no power up and down the coast, trees are down, and many houses are flooded out.

He said the organization will stay as long as they need to help.

"We stick around to do other things besides distributing food and water. We'll do home clean outs, pull out carpets and dry wall of homes that are flooded to get them ready to be rebuilt." says Nene.

If you'd like to donate or volunteer, visit


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