Christian County Schools Working To Offer Students More Courses

A total of six school districts across Christian County are banding together to break down boundaries and encourage kids to experience more career paths.

Ozark School Superintendent Dr. Kevin Patterson says some schools offer R-O-T-C, agriculture, advanced science or shop classes.

"Nixa gave an example that some elementary kids are raising chickens, but the district doesn't necessarily offer ag classes.  Spokane does. Maybe a student from Chadwick wants to take AP physics but Chadwick cannot offer that course.  That student can travel to another district for that class," says Patterson.

High schoolers interested in taking some of those specialized courses can cross district boundaries and take up to two classes.

The Christian County Course Exchange will start in the fall. 

The school sending the students will pay $500 a class and has to figure out how to get the student to that school.

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