Baptist Bible College Sends Team Of Nearly 100 To Hurricane Ravaged Texas

Nearly 100 Baptist Bible College students, faculty and staff will leave Springfield Thursday, headed to Texas to help with recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey. 

The teams plan to meet in the center of campus at 8:30 a.m. for breakfast and prayer, then head out. 

The college is cancelling classes Thursday, with nearly one third of the student population scheduled to help. 

"The recent natural disasters have greatly affected many of our own families, churches and loved ones, BBC President Mark Milioni said. "We can't do everything. We can't rebuild everything. We can't house and clothe everyone, but we will do what we can. There is a need to help, to lift, to clean, to hug and to listen to hearts and lives that have been through a time of great shock. We are to respond with love and compassion to those in need." 

Classes are scheduled for next week. 



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