AUDIO: Listen to dispatch call for 30+ people in the water after Duck crash at Table Rock Lake

Near Branson, Missouri (KTTS) - The call came out shortly after 7 pm on Thursday night for a water emergency on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri. 

In the dispatch audio, you can hear a first responder say "It’s out on the lake. It’s flipped over, and there’s 30 people in the water.” 

The incident appears to have involved the 'Ride The Ducks' attraction, which takes tourists on a land and water tour in an amphibious vehicle that drives on land and floats on water.

UPDATE: Stone County Sheriff Confirms 8 Fatalities Involved In Ride The Ducks Boat Capsizing

Several patients have been transported to area hospitals and the Stone County Sheriff confirms to local Scripps radio station KTTS that there are multiple fatalities. 

Severe thunderstorms were in the area just before the emergency was reported. Some of those storms at wind speeds measured at almost 80 miles per hour. 

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