Woman Rescued From Creek In Christian County

A water rescue played out in northeastern Christian County.

Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District and the Springfield Water Rescue team were on scene.

They used a boat to aid in the rescue.

We have reports two people needed help in Stewart Creek, which is at Marshfield Road and Ottawa Road.

The National Weather Service reported a woman was missing, she has been found. The woman is safe and was taken to a hospital to get checked out.  A man was able to make it to safety.

Many roads are impassable because of extreme flooding across southern Missouri

Sergeant Jason Pace with the Missouri State Highway Patrol tells KTTS News that motorists need to avoid low-water crossing that are full this evening.  Just a small amount of water can sweep your vehicle off of the road.

Also, Sergeant Pace says going around road barriers or barricades isn't just dangerous, but it's also illegal.

The National Weather Service pushes the message, "Turn Around Don't Drown."


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