#BeBetter 2018

KTTS Morning Show co-host, Cash Williams, and 94.7 Today's KTTS is teaming up with PFI Western Store to take action to help our community improve and #BeBetter. Click here to purchase your #BeBetter shirt!

#BeBetter. What does that mean? It means to improve. Improve yourself, improve your community, improve at your job. The list goes on. Wake up every single day and ask yourself “How can I be better today?”. I fully believe that if everyone did that, this world would be a much better and happier place. I started the #BeBetter movement with all of this in mind. Every time I put on my #BeBetter shirt, I think about all of this. My goal is for you and anyone who sees your shirt to do the same. Let’s improve our community together.

When you purchase a shirt, not only will you be spreading the #BeBetter message, but you’ll be supporting a great cause. $5 of every shirt sold will go to Camp Barnabas.

 You can get your shirt at PFI Western Store or online. For the MO shirt, click here or for the USA shirt, click here

Cash Williams

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