Cash Williams

You could say I'm a passionate guy. And if you said that, you'd be right. When I find an interest in something, I'm all in. It's my blessing and my curse. 

What am I passionate about? Well, I'd put my faith, my family, sports, country music and girls in that category. I use the word 'passionate', but 'obsessed' would also be an accurate description... It just doesn't sound as good. Without my faith, I'm nothing. Without my family, I'm sad. Without sports, I'm bored. Without country music, I'm empty. Without girls... Well, I'm kinda used to that. Ha!

If I'm not on the radio, you can probably find me at a sporting event of some sort. Either working as an emcee for the Springfield Cardinals or just going to a game and enjoying myself. I also love live music, so you might see me at a concert!

I was born and raised in Nixa and have lived in the Ozarks pretty much my entire life. This is home to me and always will be. To be on the morning show for KTTS is a dream come true. Hey girl, let's wake up together... On KTTS. 


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