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New Voting Districts In August Primary

New Voting Districts In August Primary

New Voting Districts In August Primary

(KTTS News) — The August 2 primary marks the first time voters will have to deal with new district lines for the Missouri House and Senate.

You can find out which district you live in by using the Secretary of State’s website tool.

You can also find a list of what’s on the ballot where you live by clicking on this link.

Press Release

The Aug. 2 primary election in Greene County will be the first to have new voting district lines for the Missouri House and Senate.

Under the leadership of Shane Schoeller, the Greene County Clerk’s election team worked diligently over six weeks to make all the necessary voter changes, between the conclusion of the April 2022 election and the preliminary work for the August 2022 election that started in late May.

In a typical U.S. Census year, districts are released prior to the election year. However, the 2020 U.S. Census numbers were released and finalized by the Missouri House and Senate redistricting commissions earlier this year.

In any polling location that has more than one legislative House or Senate seat, each street must be individually assigned to the correct district.

“That process was very detailed and took time to ensure it was done properly. We worked hard to ensure each voter is in the correct legislative district as we made the changes during the time allowed between April and August,” said Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller.

Due to the process requiring exact precision and detail, there was less time to review the work for accuracy to ensure each street address in precincts with more than one legislative district were correctly assigned.

“With the shorter time period to make those changes than in the past, we recognize the importance of any voter who has a question wanting to verify for accuracy their legislative district,” said Schoeller.

Voter identification cards were mailed to citizens earlier in the year without their legislative voting district, due to line changes being approved too late for them to be included.

If voters are unaware of or would like to verify their legislative district, they can use the Missouri Secretary of State’s online tool by entering their home address on this website: https://voteroutreach.sos.mo.gov/PRD/VoterOutreach/VOSearch.aspx.

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