Courtesy Greene County

A new jail is planned for Greene County and its location has been announced much to the disappointment of the Willard School District.

Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams says  the new jail will benefit everyone. Williams said he is glad that a location has finally been announced.

The new jail is less than a mile away from the Willard South Elementary and the district says that it was only informed last week.

Superintendent Matt Teeter told KY3 he thinks the biggest frustration was not being in the loop.

Teeter says the county officials met with them to discuss their concerns. The biggest is foot traffic when inmates are released from jail. County staff say they’re working on a transportation plan for those who don’t get picked up.

Teeter can see some positives, in having deputies so close.

Chief Williams says the biggest benefit will be having space to keep people like car thieves and home burglars, who are now booked and released, locked up.